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starmetal oak book blog

14 April
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  • starmetal_oak@livejournal.com
Announcement: I will no longer be cross-posting to livejournal. I had maintained my "main" blog on Blogger while also maintaining LiveJournal, and I recently just switched to Wordpress. You can check that out here:

Starmetal Oak Reviews

I decided that, after realizing it often takes me twice as long to format posts for two platforms than it does for me to write the reviews, that I would discontinue on LJ. 

I won't be leaving LJ or turning off my account - I still follow other journals and will still be active on LJ as a reader. 

If you're interested in continuing to follow my book blog, please subscribe to my Wordpress RSS feed. You can do that here

You can also like me on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Hope to see you all on the other side, and sorry for any inconvience!